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Your Support Counts!

Help us uncover a child’s real potential for long-term success in life. There are many ways to support Bridges to Learning and our programs.

Anh Linh Student Sponsorships – $42 per monthPoor young children and mother outside of dilapidated home. Saigon HCMC Vietnam. Anh Linh School.

For less than a daily cup of coffee or soda, Student Sponsorships make a tremendous impact in the life of a child. 

Sponsorships ensure students can attend daily classes with:

  • two nutritious meals;
  • two new uniforms per year;
  • English classes;
  • textbooks and supplies.

In addition, children are provided health, dental and vision screenings with treatment as needed, as well as monthly haircuts. Students are able to enjoy special programs, games, outings and a fully stocked library.

100% of sponsorship dollars are allocated for school programs that directly benefit our students. Your sponsorship donations are not used for administration or overhead. 

Ideally sponsors commit to supporting the carefully selected and qualified students for three years. 

Young child, baby and mom, in home with plastic sheeting walls. Vietnam. Viet Anh Primary School Da Teh province Vietnam.During that time, sponsors can exchange letters and photos with students, and can even follow their progress with updates.

This unique opportunity allows sponsors to understand the unique challenges children face and see the benefits of their generosity first-hand. 

Double or triple your impact?Bridges to Learning founder, Jerri Hirsch, with students in Vietnam. Anh Linh Free School, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon.

Many companies and organizations generously match donations made by employees, and sometimes by retirees and spouses. 

Does yours?  If so, please let them know about your generous contributions to Bridges to Learning and provide the information to get the match. If you need any assistance, please let us know.  

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Sponsor Letters

The chance to change a child’s life is at your fingertips. As a sponsor you will receive a couple of cards or letters each year from your child. This correspondence gives you the opportunity to more fully understand the challenges and highlights your student is going through. Here is an example of the heartfelt connection you can gain from the letters you receive during your sponsorship.

Letter from child written to sponsors in Vietnamese. Anh Linh School, Saigon HCMC Vietnam.

Tan Thuan, December 3, 2010

Dear Sir and Madam,

My name is T.M. Tong.* This year I am 13 years old. I am in 6th grade at the Anh Linh School. I thank you very much for helping me to go to school. I like going to school here. The teachers treat us very well.

On November 20th was a day that was very beautiful. I was able to to get to know the teachers and other students better. We are preparing for the first term exams carefully, every morning we are preparing for the first term exams. After we take the exams we get to wear Tet (Lunar New Year) clothes and take a Tet break.

For me, I don’t have mom and dad anymore. Now I live with my grandmother and my aunt. My grandmother is very old and cannot do anything. She only knows how to go around the house. My aunt goes to work every day. There are times when grandma gets high blood pressure. The whole family takes care of grandma, all of the money is used to take care of her, even if the money needs to be borrowed.

For me, my friends are very important, I have a lot of friends, and I’ve been through a lot of sadness and happiness. There are times when I get angry and mad. I still remember once when I was drinking water at the water stand, and my friend Loc let me watch a really good cartoon, I accidentally tipped over the pitcher of water on the dvd, and made the dvd wet. My friend took the dvd back and didn’t want to play with me anymore. On that night, I called my friend but my friend didn’t pick up. I called two or three times but my friend didn’t pick up. I feel that my friend is arrogant, therefore I decided to stop playing with Loc all together. The other day, I was down by the water stand, I remember times that my friend and I had together, at that time that friend came out of the school, I was pretending not to know him. And that friend actually apologized to me, and from then on we have become even closer friends. I also have lots of good memories playing soccer with my friend Loc. During those times we kicked the ball very well together. There are times when one of us played poorly and the other rescued. Those are some of the sad and happy stories we have.

I dream to become a very good engineer. And to rebuild the house that I live in now and to help grandmother get well.


T.M. Tong*

*Name changed to protect identity