1633 Cedar Lake Parkway | Minneapolis, MN 55416 USA | (612) 381-1990


Bridges to Learning provides education, health and social development programs to empower impoverished Vietnamese children to change their world.


We seek to become an organization that makes a significant difference in the world through:

  • Caring and committed donors who generate sufficient and sustainable resources
  • Ensuring our revenue is best used to finance services and support for impoverished children
  • Knowledgeable, professional staff working in developing countries
  • Giving older children a chance to start school in the first grade even if they have never attended school, in a manner that promotes their feelings of self-worth and bolsters their confidence.


Hope: We finance and nurture the dreams and aspirations of very poor children and find that their achievements give us hope in return.

Caring: We create a community of people who are concerned, responsive, engaging and who are pleased to be help students overcome life challenges.

Non-Discrimination: We welcome all regardless of economic circumstance or racial, religion, sexual or political identity.

Integrity: We “walk the walk.” We are stewards of Bridges to Learning and of our mission. We inspire and take action that promotes well being.