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The Kids!

Smiling young impoverished boy with self portrait art. Saigon HCMC Vietnam.


Toan has no birth certificate, but the staff at Anh Linh is working to attain one for him. He is in 6th grade, very smart and loves coming to school. His parents struggle with infidelity, alcohol and gambling, but he continues to move forward with his dreams. He is happy to have Anh Linh Love School as a refuge where he enjoys dancing.

*Name changed to protect identity.


Young girl at Anh Linh School. First grade. Saigon HCMC Vietnam.


Phuong is in the 5th grade. She has beautiful handwriting and is very smart. Both parents are construction laborers. They live in a small rented house.

Her brother is a year older than she is, but they are currently in the same grade. Phoung hopes to one day join the staff of Anh Linh Love School as a teacher.

*Name changed to protect identity.

Vietnamese boy holding self portrait with soccer ball. Anh Linh School Vietnam.


Huy is in sixth grade and lives with his paternal grandmother. His father died of HIV when he was younger. He loves sports. He hopes to someday become a medical doctor and a priest so he can help others.

*Name changed to protect identity.


Smiling poor girl holding bright colors artwork. Anh Linh School Saigon Vietnam.


Qui is an orphan and has been living in the Anh Linh dormitory for 4 years. Upon her arrival at school, she struggled to adjust to the new way of life. She was accustomed to living by her own rules, free of adult supervision.

Sometimes she would run away at night. The sisters would find her and bring her home. She’d grown accustomed to living on the streets, and was not afraid of the police arresting her and putting her in jail. The sisters help her by showing her their love and teaching her that she can do more with her life. She is gradually becoming a well-adjusted young lady and excelling in her English classes. She hopes to one day become a flight attendant.

*Name changed to protect identity.