Linh Phan’s family migrated to America when she was seven.  She has a unique perspective on the journey of life through witnessing her parents’ persistence to pursuit the American dream.  She observed her parents losing everything, then finding the strength to rebuild through sacrifices and hard work.  Linh harvested their love to focus on attaining her BS in Computer Science.  This started her magnificent journey of learning, overcoming, and reflection.  Reflecting on her own journey, Linh acknowledges all of the compassion she has received along the way and the “pay it forward” nature of her good fortune.  She is determined to give back and therefore is actively involved in numerous charities.

Linh is a VP of Technology currently at Evine with 25+ years of technology experience. Her experiences span the full development cycle playing functional, technical to managerial roles.  These roles enabled her to work on various type of systems such as Ecommerce, ERP, Web Technologies, EAI, Business Intelligence and Analytics.