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School Updates!

* New Year Fun *

Always a highlight of the year, the kids and teachers at Anh Linh School celebrated Tet with dancing, music, food, and games. The students choreographed the dances and ran their rehearsals: having fun, learning some new moves, building leadership and teamwork skills. 

Eleventh grader, Khanh Linh, who is one of the students sponsored through B2L, directed the boys’ dance. His talent and determination have served him well, as he qualified, and is attending high school. In Vietnam, you must test for and qualify to achieve that level of education. His education at Anh Linh school was a big part of preparing him for his bright future. Check out their dance on our Facebook page, for your enjoyment. 

Following a break to celebrate Tet with their families, the students returned to the school for a few days to help clean the school prior to the government shutdown of schools due to Covid-19. But, always finding a way to have fun, to their delight they received a few dollars of “lucky money” that was donated by Bridges to Learning, and other generous donors. 


Covid-19 Impact

2020 has been off to a challenging start in Vietnam, the US, and around the world. We hope you, your family, and friends are well and coping with, if not thriving, in these changing times.

Hopefully the frenzy of emails with “Covid-19” in the subject line are dying down in your mailbox, you have some provisions to tide you over ‘til the next trip to the store, and you’ve found time to try a new hobby, catch up with relatives and friends who you haven’t contacted for a while, get some rest, or maybe tried a new recipe using interesting ingredients you found at the store.  

As we are now dealing with the pandemic, Vietnam, bordering China, started dealing with it a couple of months ago. The government acted early to close its border to China and shut down schools. The children went home to celebrate Tet in mid-January, as they do each year. The government then shut down the schools soon after. The return date keeps moving out, in hopes of decreasing transmission of the virus. In the meantime, the Vietnamese government has been broadcasting lessons on TV to help the kids continue their education. 

Per the World Health Organization website, the number of diagnosed cases of Covid-19 in Vietnam has started to rise.  We don’t have good information about testing in Vietnam, so the numbers are not especially meaningful, but the bottom line is they are continuing to cope with the situation there.


Ellen Klahn-Grove
at Anh Linh School

Ellen Klahn-Grove lived in Vietnam for almost two years as her husband worked as a teacher in an international school. The Anh Linh school was blessed to have Ellen volunteer to teach English, along with helping with other activities. She left Vietnam a week or two ago to return to Minnesota. Here are a few of her observations from mid-March:

“Ho Chi Minh City is on week #6 of government mandated school closures with 3-4+ more weeks the likely reality. I am heartbroken that I have only been able to see the students one day this year. 

“COVID-19 will have long-term ramifications for Vietnam’s economy but I do applaud the Vietnamese government for their ‘social distancing’ mandates. I do believe it has slowed the spread here significantly. However, I am sick to think of the effect that being out of school for this long has had on the students of ALLS {Anh Linh Love School}. Apart from the disruption in their education, lack of supervision, and food insecurity, I fear that many of them have had to work during this time which will make their transition back to school much more difficult for themselves and their families. ALLS has hard work ahead in the months to come.”

A huge thank you goes to Ellen, for her many contributions to the school, and helping Bridges to Learning along the way.


Recent Visitors to the School

Trong Ha, visited the Anh Linh school. He met with Sr. Kim Dung, and took some photos of the new addition to the school (see below). The addition is in the back of the building, includes four sizable rooms, and expanded the hallway by two feet (next to last picture) on the left side of the existing building. The addition includes an activity room, library, and computer room. It was not an easy feat in the city where space is at a premium and economic growth created a building boom. What a great resource for the school!

Thank you for the update and photos! We can’t wait for the kids to return to school and fill the rooms with energy and enthusiasm. 


Viet Anh Primary School

Viet Anh Primary School is located in Lam Dong province, a rural area, with children who travel from remote areas to go to school. Sr. Kim Ngoc provided this update: 

She hopes all of the sponsors and donors are safe from the Covid-19 virus. 

They don’t know exactly when the children will return to school. The number of cases testing positive for coronavirus increases day by day. There are no positive cases declared in Lam Dong, but the cases in “at-risk” are many. The Sisters are still at the school. She continues her administrative work on the internet. The teachers went back home to help their families with agriculture. At this time, they are paid 50% their salary. Everyone has to stay at home, but they are not sure that the parents can keep their children at home. 

They don’t worry quite as much about the ethnic minority kids, because they live so far from the city. They are safe in their village, deep in the forest. The ethnic minority people are familiar with coping with difficulties. So they seem not to have as much impact from the consequences of the covid-19 virus. They continue to work in their gardens growing cashew and coffee. But, they have only rice and wild leaves to eat. They only have meat when they can earn some money. Sometime, the Sisters go to give them some meat and ask the kids to continue to do homework.

For the Kinh (Vietnamese) kids, the Sisters communicate with them by telephone, by facebook and zalo (Vietnamese social network). They instruct the families so they can help their children learn via TV or youtube.

The kids are really bored at home. They love to go to school.

A huge thank you to Sr. Kim Ngoc for the update, and for these photos from their recent trip to visit some of the children at home. 

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Consider treating yourself to some delicious food and drink, and supporting local businesses that support Bridges to Learning. Food and drink are “essential businesses” and offering take out and/or delivery!  
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He, and his team, will help you find, or design the perfect jewels for you.
A huge THANK YOU to all of our donors, sponsors, volunteers. The individuals and businesses that support Bridges to Learning and the schools create a brighter future and hope for the children in Vietnam who need our help. 

Thank You!
Thank you for your support of Bridges to Learning and the kids in Vietnam. We will keep you posted with any updates about the school and the children. While it can be a stressful time, our hearts are full as we know we have a community of support as we support the children. For more information about Bridges to Learning,
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