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Bridges to Learning will work to empower children by meeting their critical educational, health and social needs.


Hope Fund gifts support the children and the work of Bridges to Learning.  Donate to this fund and you create new education programs, provide nutrition and medical care, and fund large scale special projects.  Some of these projects include: sending the enitre school to camp for a week, providing art classes, building a science lab, hosting a Moon or Tet Festival and houseing abondoned children.  This fund supports the core work of Bridges here and abroad. Thanks to your support, Bridges to Learning has been changing the lives of children in Vietnam since 2004.


Breakfast Fund

It isn’t enough to create educational programs if the children are too hungry to concentrate from a lack of breakfast in the morning. Ms. Hirsch experienced a number of children falling asleep in class and upon investigating found that a number of children did not receive breakfast each morning. Through contacts in Vietnam she discovered an individual from Land O Lakes working in-country and proceeded to find out what nutritional packages might be available.

The “Breakfast Fund” was born and has been providing a protein and vitamin supplement for the children’s breakfast. The children receive fresh yogurt, peanut butter and fresh fruit. The Breakfast Fund is an ongoing activity and needs constant support.  Your contribution will mean the children will continue to grow both in health and knowledge.

Just $5.00 a month to the Breakfast Fund will provide a student at Anh Linh with a nutritious and protein rich breakfast every school day for a month.


School Fund

Just $15.00 a month will provide school materials, books, pencils and notebooks for a class of 20 students for a whole school year.







Eyeglass Fund

Just $25.00 can provide a student at Anh Linh with vision care and corrective eye wear.

One of our sponsors noticed that very few of the children in the photos have glasses. That made us wonder, “Do some need glasses and can’t afford them?”

During Jerri’s stay in Vietnam, a neighbor and her sister (a doctor) visited the school. Jerri suggested that one barrier to learning for some was a lack of proper vision. The doctor proposed an onsite vision exam. She determined several children would benefit from vision correction.

Today we continue to have the children’s eyes examined. Glasses are much less money in Vietnam than the U.S., so only $25.00 will provide a child with the necessary correction to see and study.


Computer Fund

A recurring quarterly contribution of $100.00 to the Computer Fund for a year will replace an aging computer with a new desktop PC.

Anh Linh Free School currently has a computer room where the students learn rudimentary computer skills. The Computer project placed new hardware and software and built a network allowing protected access to the internet and language learning software. We hope, with your help, to add the ability in the future to provide video connections to the school to help foster a sister school relation here in the United States.



General Fund

Donations to this fund allow us to allocate the monies to the areas of most need. This includes unseen expenses and emergency relief arising at Anh Linh and Bridges to Learning (BTL) operating expenses. This fund supports the core work of Bridges here and abroad.

Bridges to Learning, Inc. is a 501(c )3 organization. Your donation (sponsorship) is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Contact your tax professional for more information.